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The Old Vic Tunnels 

Director:  Kenneth Hoyt

Designer:  Van Santvoord

Photographer:  Mark Douet

“The imposing brick walls of the performance space, literally under the arches and complete with the damp air and rough flooring, capture something of the claustrophobic nature of ship life, while Alex Baranowski and Emma Chapman’s sound and lighting designs speak directly of a gritty, grimy existence.”

Sam Smith, Exuent Magazine

“Ken Hoyt makes the most of this earthy space, aided by great contributions from his designers, Van Santvoord, Emma Chapman and Alex Baranowski."

Philip Fisher, British Theatre Guide

“Designer Van Santvoord’s design of close-quartered bunk beds and low rafters enhance the claustrophobic intensity of the work, while Emma Chapman’s ambient lighting effects and Alex Baranoski’s superb sound texture of fog horns and creaking timber add much to the overall experience.”

Neil Dowden, Curtain Up

“Hoyt makes good use of the space, using Emma Chapman’s dramatic lighting and Alex Baranowski’s sound design to suggest a rough seascape and a brutal life.”

Sarah Hemming, Financial Times

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