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on behalf of studio three sixty

Commisioned by: Howard Eaton Lighting Ltd

Designers: Emma Chapman, Lucy Osborne and Howard Eaton

Seating Designer: Felix de Pass

Fabricators: Howard Eaton Lighting Ltd, Total Solutions

Photographers: Sarah Hickson and Simon Kennedy


The Mix was conceived as a multi-purpose and versatile festival venue able to pop up in five days with minimal plant machinery.  The self leveling floor is able to support gradients of a metre, with a specially designed inbuilt hydraulic system lifting the roof into position.  The performance space sits in the inner circle of The Mix able to transform into a variety of layouts to support different shows and events.  The outer ring houses a bar / cafe, dressing rooms and box office, the outer semi transparent outer walls create intrigue encouraging people to approach while allowing natural light to permeate the foyer areas. 

Inspired by Roundabout, The Mix utilises the same LED panel technology in combination with GLP X4S moving wash lights to give ultimate flexibility. 

The Mix has been seen at Wilderness Festival; ITV, Channel 4 and Sky's - The Big TV Festival; Theatre on the Downs in Bristol. It will shortly be seen at Theatr Clwyd while their capital development work is undertaken.

“What’s fantastic about the Mix is it has such high-quality integrated lighting and sound. It delivers in terms of production values. So we’re able to bring a large, high-quality venue to Suffolk, a place that is quite sparsely populated.”

Paul Jellis, High Tide

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