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on behalf of studio three sixty

Project Lead: Dan Daw Creative Projects (DDCP), Emma Chapman and Lucy Osborne on behalf of studio three sixty

Collaborators: Adjaye Associates, Association of British Theatre Technicians

Facilitator: Kate Marsh

What would a universally accessible arts centre look like from an architectural, cultural and institutional perspective - a Theatre for the People that puts care at the centre of everything it does.

Reimagined Futures explores the current legislative frameworks which guide and shape the design of performing arts buildings. The project is underpinned by a process of consultation with historically excluded artists and audiences across the UK.

Although the majority of performing arts venues are compliant with current legislation around accessibility, there is much more work needed if our cultural spaces are to be truly open to all.  Our aim is to create a benchmark that will inform and inspire new architectural, institutional and cultural approaches to the design or refurbishment of public art buildings, looking towards a future accessible to everybody. 

Reimagined Futures launched at the London Festival of Architecture on the 10th June, 2021, with a panel which included Dan Daw, Joao Barosso & Doron von Beider from Adjaye Associates, Robin Townley from the Association of British Theatre Technicians and Kate Marsh, a Contemporary Dancer and thought leader.

The pilot consultation is currently taking place at South East Dance in Brighton, after which the consultations will be expanded across the United Kingdom.

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