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A spectacular meeting of music, light and synchronised cranes, dancing across the skyline at night. 

Crane Dance Bristol was an illuminated synchronised crane dance with the harbourside cranes which sit outside Bristol’s M-shed.  The spectacle was devised and choreographed by Laura Kriefman as part of the Inaugural Space/WIRED Creative Fellowship, supported by the Watershed.  Emma Chapman designed the lighting in collaboration with Howard Eaton Lighting Ltd.  The SGM ultra-energy efficient P-5 and P-2 units lit the cranes in a multitude of colours, with 1km of LED ropelight outlining the iconic cranes.

10,000 people came to see Crane Dance Bristol. The audience ranged from 3-73 years old.

4 million people engaged online with Crane Dance Bristol (on twitter, instagram, Facebook, websites and periscope).

Photographers: Paul Blakemore, Sarah Hickson and Jon Rowley

Devised and Choreographed by: Laura Kriefman


Howard Eaton Lighting Ltd

M Shed

Underfall Yard


Whistling Treason Shantie Singers

The Balmoral

Bristol Channel Social Rowers

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