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The Hidden Project was a creative interactive arts project working with a group of participants to explore their invisible conditions through a series of drama and art workshops.

The Hidden Project culminated in an exhibition of the participants work and an invitation to the public to share their experiences of mental health at Brighton Dome.

The exhibition sought to consider what it might be like to live with an invisible condition, draw parallels between invisible conditions and reduce stigma.

Emma was the co-creative director and workshop facilitator alongside Simon Magnus from Root Experience.

Following the success of The Hidden Project, Emma was the co-project lead alongside Jessica Cheetham for the ITV People’s Project Fundraising campaign which secured £50,000 for Hidden Stories.

Hidden Stories was an interactive arts project and graphic novel aiming to banish loneliness and challenge stigma among people living with invisible conditions.  The project used creative methodology to discover people’s personal stories which turned into an accessible graphic novel to help people understand what it was like to live with a invisible condition.

You can find out more about the project here:

Hidden Stories Graphic copyright Studio Tinne Luyton

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