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New Arcola Theatre

Director: Mehmet Ergen

Designer: Ben Stones

Photographs by: Simon Annand

“superb lighting by Emma Chapman makes each scene a small adventure in illumination and obscurity.”

Susannah Clapp, The Observer

“Mehmet Ergen’s beautifully lit and perfectly cast production.”


- Critics Choice, Caroline McGinn, Time Out

“The washed out colours of Ben Stones’ beautiful, detailed set and Emma Chapman’s flickering lighting design add to the filmic nature of the piece, slowly building to a design denouement of breathtaking beauty.”

JBR, Fourthwall Magazine

“This is quality theatre, with deep passions and rich substance.  It is as near a piece of perfect theatre as you will see all year.  The Painter is a masterpiece.”

JBR, Fourthwall Magazine

“Mehmet Ergen’s production, beautifully lit by Emma Chapman, unravels quietly in an authentic place of work.”

Michael Coveney, Whats on Stage

“Arcola’s basic but beautiful stage, designed by Ben Stones and lit by Emma Chapman, looks like an artwork in itself.”

Jasmine Coleman, East London Advertiser

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